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Building Insurance Reinstatement Assessments

Within a building insurance policy is a requirement to disclose a ‘reinstatement value’ as sufficient cover for the re-build or repair of a building.  In almost all cases, the reinstatement figure has no direct correlation to the ‘value’ of a building. Rather than obtaining formal advice, some policy holders can be found to be ‘under insured’ in the event of a claim.

A building insurance reinstatement assessment should not only include the ‘re-build’ cost on a like for like basis, but also site clearance, shoring up or making safe, professional fees, external features/outbuildings and geographical or local factors.

Our building survey team is experienced in the assessment of all residential and commercial buildings from single buildings to multiple unit sites.

Please call us on 01782 715725 or email where a member of our team will be happy to help.